Wednesday, June 27, 2012


hallow, how are you all ?
today i will show you how to hack fingerprint software .
off course you have a few question about that.
actually i am showing this for all user who use nokia symbian s60(all editions touch) phone.
you can download this software from google search.
this software is flexible for use. but sometimes user fall a problem with this apps.
you can set beep number on this apps that by completing how many beep if a user move away his finger then it will be unlock.
but i will show you a different solution .you may unlock this without any beep or finger touch .
for that can turn your display lock switch twitch freequently(very fast).
hope you may got your phone unlocked. can also unlock your phone by this way.for that you need to touch the display shortcut (while your phone are locked) and press it .if it appears those shortcut you may select one and get your phone can also touch other part of your screen to get your phone unlocked and to stay at home(on your phone).
thanks for reading .
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